Linux Lite 4.0 – New Features and Step by Step Installation Guide

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  1. Math e Cooperativa says:

    I am deeply dissapointed by the fact that Linux Lite discontinued their 32bit support!
    Let me make it public that this is the reason I am abandoning Linux Lite for Linux Mint xfce, that has promised lately to continue their support for older systems, that is their 32bit version!

  2. rijnsma says:

    I installed all apps on LL4, so I have a full system.
    Now I like to put a bootable Iso on pendrive. I don’t see systemback.
    How do I do that simpel?

  3. Dave Simpson says:

    Helpful instructions and what seems a very good and Secure OS.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Please once i select` “something else” does that mean am installing linux alongside with my current os (window 7) or everything would also be erased cause at first an option with install alongside was there all of a sudden it disappeared.

  5. CARemington says:

    I am extremely disappointed that Linux Lite is following in the foot steps of Microsoft by creating Users, Admins and Super Users that all require privileges that the user never seems to have.

    If you insist on following Microsoft, then at least in the Control Panel make it simple way to assign privileges. Such as Click Here to assign XYZ Admin privileges and the person downloading and setting up Linux Lite should automatically be the Super User unless assigned otherwise.

    I have noticed that Linux lite is not as highly ranked as it once was and you can say otherwise, but the sites I visit show users are leaving… ask yourself why.

    I cannot sneeze with putting in my code on Linux Lite 4. I am now shopping for a less burdensome Distro.

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