Manjaro Linux 18.0 – Review and Features

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  1. wingnut says:

    KDE a lot of resources? I beg to differ

  2. Miguel Mayol i Tur says:

    Thanks, great article, and great almost finish lines.

    “Overall, Manjaro Linux 18.0 is a simple and easy to use linux desktop environment that makes life easy for both beginners and advanced users”

    And that is what it is and why I recommend it A LOT

  3. bane says:

    Manjaro is really great, with XFCE to be the best flavor of Manjaro in my opinion, but setting up a printer like HP is a nightmare, and I really don’t understand why the Manjaro devs don’t take a serious approach to this issue. The main problem is that hplip is completely worthless on anything other than Ubuntu, Debian and their derivatives like Mint. In order to get the HP printer to work on Manjaro is to also install hplip-plugin from AUR, but there’s a catch… The printer will work only until a reboot because for some reason the driver is uploading firmware to the printer each time you turn it on. Incredibly stupid. Why did HP decide to make this so, is beyond me. The only way to circumvent this issue is to install foo2zjs from AUR, but it was poorly maintained and eventually broke.

    TL;DR Manjaro is great, either avoid HP printers or beg and plead to the devs to include and maintain foo2zjs in official repos.

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