How to Install Linux Mint 21 (Vanessa) Step by Step

Hello readers, much awaited Linux Mint 21 has been released. It is a LTS release, means we will get support and updates till 2027. Vanessa is the code name for Linux mint 21 and it is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

In this post, we will cover how to install Linux Mint 21 with Xfce desktop environment step by step.

New Features of Linux Mint 21

  • Linux Mint 21 is a LTS release and comes with three different desktop environments like Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce.
  • New Linux Kernel 5.12
  • Blueman replaces blueberry for connecting Bluetooth devices
  • Improved Thumbnails
  • Timeshift is now maintained as an XApp.
  • Printing and Scanning improvements

Minimum System Requirements for Linux Mint 21

  • 2GB RAM or more
  • Dual Core Processor
  • 20GB free disk space
  • Bootable Media (USB or DVD)
  • Stable Internet Connection (Optional)

Once the system requirements are met, jump into Linux Mint 21 installation steps.

Step 1) Download Linux Mint 21 ISO File

From Linux Mint 21 official web page, download Linux Mint 21 xfce edition.

Once the ISO file is downloaded, burn it into a USB drive and make it bootable.

Step 2) Boot the System with Bootable Media

Head to the system on which you are planning to install Linux mint 21, reboot it and change the boot medium from hard disk to USB from its bios settings.

When the system boots up with bootable media, we will be presented the following screen.


Choose the first option “Start Linux Mint 21 Xfce 64-bit

In the following screen, click on “Install Linux Mint”


Step 3) Choose Language for Linux Mint Installation

Choose your preferred language which will be used during the installation


Click on Continue

Step 4) Choose Keyboard Layout

In this step, select the keyboard layout as per your setup.


Click on Continue to proceed further

Step 5) Install Multimedia Codecs

This step is optional, if your system is connected to internet and want to install multimedia codecs during the installation then select checkbox “Install Multimedia Codecs” and click on Continue


Step 6) Installation Type

In this step, we will get the following screen,


If you want installer to create partitions automatically on the disk, then choose the first option ‘Erase disk and Install Linux Mint’.

If you want to create manual partitions, then choose second option ‘Something else’.

In this post, we are going with first option, click on ‘Install Now


Choose ‘Continue’ to write changes to the disk.

Step 7) Select Preferred Location

Choose your preferred location and then click on continue to proceed further with the installation.


Step 8) Create Local User and set hostname

In this step, you are required to fill in the local user details along hostname.


Click on Continue to begin the installation.

Step 9) Installation Started

As you can see below that installation gets started and is in progress.


Once the installation is completed, installer will prompt to reboot the system.


Click on ‘Restart Now’ to reboot the system.

Note: Don’t forget to change boot medium from USB to disk from the bios settings.

Step 10) Login and Desktop screen

When the system boots up post Linux mint 21 installation, we will be presented the following login screen.

Use the same user credentials that you have created during the installation.


Hit enter after entering the credentials.


Now, open the terminal and run following neofetch command to view the system details,

$ neofetch


Perfect, above output confirms that we have successfully installed Linux Mint 21 with Xfce desktop environment.

Kindly do post your queries and feedback in below comments section.

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  1. I had the linux mint 21 Vanessa and after following this process , in boot menu of my acer nitro 5 i5 11400H the windows option is not showing, instead the Ubuntu option is showing. so please help me in retrieve my windows 11 , and it was officially provided by acer .


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